For those that knew and shot with Bob Eich

You may have wondered why I have not been to the club the last number of weeks.

My Dad, Bob Eich is gravely ill, and last week Wednesday we moved him into hospice end of life care.

Events that led to his downfall began about a month ago.  He fell, broke several ribs and injured his hip.  An infection developed in his hip which led to an emergency room visit.  His condition continued to deteriorate and two weeks ago, the surgeon performed a surgery to replace a hip rod from a previous surgery that did not heal correctly and also a partial hip replacement.  The hip was infused with antibiotic to try to cure the infection.

This was not successful.  The infection continued.

Early last week he lost he lost his functional capability to swallow.  On Wednesday the decision was made to move to hospice.

He is currently at Highland Hospital but is in and out of consciousness as of yesterday, Sunday 10/22.

He and my Stepmom Lesley have planned a private visitation and funeral mass for immediate family only upon his passing.

Feel free to forward this email to anyone you feel appropriate.

Please pray for Bob.  Thanks.

Kenny Eich