Well it will be a busy shooting season. The following are the dates for us for the rest of this year and beginning of next.
8/27-28 GVTL
9/10-11 IWTL
9/24-25 FLSL
1/28-29 FLSL
This will be appox. 250 cases of birds required for just the leagues. It will also require a great commitment on the part of board and membership to pull it off. Also mixed in is the gun raffle on 9/17. Enjoy the summer as the work begins soon. At least the shoots will be in the warmer months and we will get them out of the way and bring in around $4,000.00 net.

-Guy Slack

Four Point In-House Summer Skeet League

May 22-August 6
Shootoff: August 7 10am-3pm
25 targets per score
1 token + $3.00 per score
Best 7 scores shoot off for class money (A, B, C classes)
Can be shot Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday

$5.00 to sign up- for banquet on August 7th

Watch for in-house trap league- coming soon.

Upcoming Events

1. Member Appreciation Day– May 21st.
Hots, Hams, beer and pop &1 each. Shooting $2 and Raffles.

2. Pig Roast — August 13th.

3. Gun Raffle September 17th.
10 prizes, ticket cost is $10 with hots hamburgers and beverage included.