Four Point In-House Summer Skeet League

May 22-August 6
Shootoff: August 7 10am-3pm
25 targets per score
1 token + $3.00 per score
Best 7 scores shoot off for class money (A, B, C classes)
Can be shot Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday

$5.00 to sign up- for banquet on August 7th

Watch for in-house trap league- coming soon.

Upcoming Events

1. Member Appreciation Day– May 21st.
Hots, Hams, beer and pop &1 each. Shooting $2 and Raffles.

2. Pig Roast — August 13th.

3. Gun Raffle September 17th.
10 prizes, ticket cost is $10 with hots hamburgers and beverage included.