Range Guest Policy

Greetings, Membership! As you know, the Range Guest Policy changed on Mar 1, 2018.

The guest fee was increased to $5.00 per person, per visit, and the maximum number of guests per member, per visit, is now restricted to 2. Cash payment is to be made to the guest fee box located on the wall of the pavilion using the provided envelopes on which the date and guest name are required to be noted. The member and his/her guest(s) are to occupy one station only, with the guest(s) under constant supervision of the member certified to use the range. Guests are never to be unsupervised under any circumstances, as they have not been certified to use the range, nor are they to visit the range without a certified member. Guests are also required to sign in, noting the member they are accompanying.

Four Point’s Officers and Directors continue to evolve the club’s rules and regulations to protect the safety of its members and the value of your membership. Please let any of the board members know if you have any questions or concerns, and we thank you for your cooperation.