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Pig Roast / Club Championship

Greetings, Membership! SATURDAY, Aug 18th is Four Point’s annual PIG ROAST starting at 1pm! $10 will get you a platter of roasted pig, cooked on the premises, with rolls and sides. Kid-sized portions will be $5. Cash bar, as always. Purchase your meal tickets in the clubhouse upon your arrival, good for one trip through the buffet. Please RSVP by Sun 8/12 with the number of people in your party by replying to this email, so we can get an idea of headcount for food.
Bring your lawn/camp chairs just in case we run out of seating. It’s a pig roast, so feel free to bring lawn games to enjoy the day! We encourage you to bring your family and friends along to enjoy this annual event! We do GREAT pig!

Bring your guns and bows because we’ll also be holding the annual Club Championship on the same day. Stop by anytime between 10am and 3pm to compete in one or all of the following categories:
Trap, Skeet, Trap/Skeet Combo
Trap and skeet tokens are at the participants expense. 50 targets each event (combo split b/w trap and skeet). 1st/2nd/3rd prizes are 10/5/3 tokens.
Rifle, Pistol, Archery
5 shot total for each event. Rifle at 100 yds, front-rest only. Pistol at 50 ft, off-hand, any sights. Archery at 20 yds. Purchase targets at the clubhouse bar. $3 per target. Winner takes 1/2 the pot.
If you plan to renew your membership at the pig roast, we ask that you wait until after the meal.
Thank you for supporting your club and hope to see many of you on AUG 18th!
Wendy Suhanov
Secretary, Four Point Rod & Gun Club
Club hours: Th 5-8 / Sat 12-4 / Sun 10-4

Membership renewal

Greetings, Membership! This email is required reading, so please take a few moments…:)

Four Point’s membership year runs from Sept 1st to Aug 31st. We have begun our annual renewal drive with a mailing to each of your home addresses (with the exception of those who have joined since June 1st). Please be on the look-out, and we encourage you to renew as soon as possible to enjoy uninterrupted membership with Four Point Rod & Gun Club.

Those who joined PRIOR TO JUNE 1st : Please follow the instructions stated in the letter you receive to renew, including full completion of the Membership Application (check “Renewal”), re-affirmation of our Safety and Operating Rules on the backside of the app, and payment of dues. If you leave a field blank that previously contained data, the data we have on file will be cleared. For example, if you omit an email address, your email address will be cleared from our records and you will no longer receive email from us. You may either mail a check OR renew in person at the clubhouse by cash, check, or credit card.

Those who joined SINCE JUNE 1st: You will NOT receive a mailing, as the membership you applied for includes the following year and your dues are paid. You will be included in the NEXT renewal drive for the 2019-2020 membership year.

LIFE MEMBERS: You’ll receive the same mailing as everyone else. Although no dues are required, please complete and return a renewal form so that we can keep your information current. Complete the form in its entirety and re-affirm the safety and operating rules, as well.

ALL MEMBERS WITH PAID DUES THROUGH 8/31/19 will need to obtain:

A new range badge. You DO NOT need to take another certification course. New badges are available and can be traded in at any time upon verification of renewal.
A new key. The gate and trap and skeet house locks are changed on SEPT 1st. You’ll be notified when new keys become available prior to that date. We ask that you trade in your old key. However, if you intend to access the property prior to the lock change, we’ll assign you a new key but ask that you return your old key at a later date.

If you renew by mail, please allow at least two weeks for our records to be updated before you pick up a new key and/or badge. RENEWAL MUST BE VERIFIED AT THE CLUBHOUSE IN ORDER TO ASSIGN NEW KEYS AND BADGES. I am unable to confirm receipt of payment, so please don’t ask me…sorry…:)

If, for whatever reason, you do not receive a renewal form in the mail, you are still responsible for renewing before the 8/31 deadline.

ALL RENEWAL DUES MUST BE PAID BY AUG 31ST. Otherwise, you will have to re-join as a new member and re-pay the $50 initiation fee.

Please read the letter you receive in your renewal mailing carefully and let any of the officers and directors know if you have any questions. Here’s to another great year! Thanks for your cooperation and continued membership and support!


Wendy Suhanov
Secretary, Four Point Rod & Gun Club
Club hours: Th 5-8 / Sat 12-4 / Sun 10-4