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Clay Target Delivery HELP

Greetings, Members!
The skeet houses at Four Point need to be restocked with clays, and we could sure use some help.  Will you please consider dropping by the club at 12 noon on 9/19 to pitch in?

As always, thank you for your support of shooting sports at Four Point!

4PT Membership Renewal DUE 8/31 *REMINDER*

Greetings, Membership!  This email is required reading, so please take a few moments…:)
Four Point’s membership year runs from Sept 1st to Aug 31st.  We have begun our annual renewal drive with a mailing to each of your home addresses (with the exception of those who have joined since June 1st).  Please be on the look-out, and we encourage you to renew as soon as possible to enjoy uninterrupted membership with Four Point Rod & Gun Club.
Those who joined PRIOR TO JUNE 1st :  Please follow the instructions stated in the letter you receive to renew, including full completion of the Membership Application (check “Renewal”), re-affirmation of our Safety and Operating Rules on Pg 2 of the app, and payment of dues.  If you leave a field blank that previously contained data, the data we have on file will be cleared.  For example, if you omit an email address, your email address will be cleared from our records and you will no longer receive email from us.  You may either mail a check OR renew in person at the clubhouse by cash, check, or credit card.
Those who joined SINCE JUNE 1st:  You will NOT receive a mailing, as you pre-paid for this upcoming membership year when you joined.  You will be included in the NEXT renewal drive for the 2021-2022 membership year.
LIFE MEMBERS:  You’ll receive the same mailing as everyone else.  Although no dues are required, please complete and return a renewal form so that we can keep your information current.  Complete the form in its entirety and re-affirm the safety and operating rules, as well.

We’ve included an option to purchase one or more gun raffle tickets at the time of renewal.
Life Members also have this option.  See the renewal letter and app for instructions.

ALL MEMBERS WITH PAID DUES THROUGH 8/31/21  will need to obtain:

  • A new range badge.  You DO NOT need to take another certification course.  New badges are available and can be traded in at any time upon verification of renewal.
  • A new key.  The gate and trap and skeet house locks are changed on SEPT 1st.  We ask that you trade in your old key.  However, if you intend to access the property prior to the lock change, we’ll assign you a new key but ask that you return your old key at a later date.

Please allow a reasonable amount of time after mailing in your renewal before picking up new badge/key.  RENEWAL MUST BE VERIFIED AT THE CLUBHOUSE IN ORDER TO ASSIGN NEW KEYS AND BADGES.  I am unable to confirm receipt of payment, so please don’t ask me…sorry…:)
If, for whatever reason, you do not receive a renewal form in the mail, you are still responsible for renewing before the 8/31 deadline.
ALL RENEWAL DUES MUST BE PAID BY AUG 31ST.  Otherwise, you will have to pay a $25 penalty to remain a member for the new membership year.
Please read the letter you receive in your renewal mailing carefully and let any of the officers and directors know if you have any questions.
Here’s to another great year!  We hope everyone is safe and well!  Thanks for your cooperation and continued membership and support!

Wendy Suhanov
Secretary, Four Point Rod & Gun Club

4PT Gun Raffle 9/12

Greetings, Membership.  Regretfully, we must cancel our Gun Raffle/Member Appreciation event scheduled for 9/12 due to COVID restrictions.  Although we’re unable to hold the event, there’s no stopping the RAFFLE!  We will still be holding the drawing on 9/12 and will call the winners as they are drawn.  Good luck, everyone!
And that’s a wrap for our 2020 events.  Looking forward to better circumstances next year!

Four Point Annual Events

Greetings, Membership!  Four Point’s event season will begin in July this year!  Please save the dates for the following three Four Point events:

Aug 22Club Championship
Sep 12***COMBO EVENT*** 90th Anniversary Member Appreciation Day / Gun Raffle
Details about each event will be emailed as each event approaches.  We hope you’ll join us for some or all of the events!
Wendy Suhanov
Secretary, Four Point Rod & Gun Club

2020 Four Point Officers and Directors

Greetings, Membership!  All nominated candidates for 2020 positions were unopposed, thereby rendering an election by ballot as unnecessary.  The current Board of Directors made it official on Dec 17th.
PRESIDENT Colin Smingler
TREASURER Terry Wright
SECRETARY Wendy Suhanov
DIRECTORS Guy Slack, Bird Robinson, Clyde Struck, Josh Grant, Bob Webber, Bob Sliker, and Shaun Smingler

Looking forward to the upcoming year at Four Point.  We wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Wendy Suhanov
Secretary, Four Point Rod & Gun Club